the FeradiansEdit

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the faradian tribe is a peaceful kind of people who live in little houses of stone and wood. they are highly advanced in medicines and the people kknow every plant by it's name. they also have their own god. called Megane.


megane is the repenzonian goddess of fire. according to the Feradians she was the one who ruled the world as it is now. She is the one who can make the other gods do what she wants. Megane was a goddess who believed in the people who believed in her. yet once in a while she make something happen. like dryness or a tsunami wave. Megane is according to the legend in love at the god of thunder toutatis. which is the main god from the wolves. only it is not clear what the legend said about that exactly. in the feradian tribe are 2 lanterns filled with oil. each lantern must be lighted on a specific time. that was what Megane requested.

the housesEdit

the feradian houses are simple yet quite effective. they have build their houses around a little piece of ground, to protect each other from wind anytime of the day. at one side of the wall, they made a little church to pray to Megane. on the other side the houses bend toward each other and the wall end up into a U form.

the inside is departed in 2 floors. on the ground there is the living room. which has a couch. a few chairs and a dinner table. next to the living room is a hall.