Jack Sparks







Jack Sparks is a 14-year-old boy who loves to read.His locker is full of books and he’s always reading someone.He doesn’t like scary films.He likes music.He’s the only one who knows everything about Olivia.He also helps her with some of her fears,like singing in public.He’s not the most popular guy in the school,but he doesn’t care about that.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Jack is brunette,tall and has blue eyes.He’s a good guy,who would do anything for his friends,especially for Olivia,his best friend and future crush. He always tries to find time for his friends,even though the first for him are his grades. He’s funny and sweet.He won’t let anyone bring him down.


Olivia-Olivia is Jack's bestfriend,he loves to spend time with her.He thinks of her as just a friend,but he's hidding his true feelings.He doesn't want to lose their friendship and that's one of the reason why he doesn't tell Olivia what he feels for her.

Megan-Megan is Jack's girlfriend for a while.At first she seemed to be sweet and really nice,but she can't stand that she and Jack don't have something that Olivia and Jack have.She tries to change Jack,but that's not gonna happend,because of Olivia.

Jennifer-Jennifer is the girl who Jack doesn't like.He kinda hates her because everything that she wants to do is hurting Olivia.Everytime she hurts her,Jack wants to do something about it.A lot of guys think that she's pretty but Jack is only interested in a girl.

Nick-Nick and Jack used to be always together when they were little,but everything changed when Max arrived and became Nick's bestfriend.They're friends,but they aren't that close anymore.Jack pretends to be okay with it,but he isn't.

Lilly-Lilly is Jack's friend.They are very good friends,but they don't have a lot of things in common and that can be a problem sometimes.