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archery, navigation, tracking, warfare

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Layla, The alpha leader,

about EvanEdit

Evan is a boy of 18 years old and raised in the Wolves tribes. As a boy he is trained in weaponery and warfare. He is one of the best archers of his tribe but he tells himself that he still needs lots to learn. Evan is wise for his age and for the most problems he got an answer. Evan is highly advanced in the art of navigating and stratigizing. he is brave and strong but his weakpoint is his love for nature.

Evan is deeply in love with Layla but thinks he is too old for her. Yet at the end of the first book, they shared a kiss and it seemed they are a couple. though it is officially confermed in the middle of the second book.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Evan is an 18 year old, slim and caring personality yet sometimes a little hard. he has talent for navigating. He is roughly 6 feet, or 1 meter and 84 centimeters, tall and has short brown hair at first but as the time goes by, his hair will be longer. His eyes are dark brown and his skin is white but sun tanned.


Evan captured Layla and took her away with the half of her tribe. yet, she managed to escape thanks to Benji and Evan ran after her in the hope nothing bad happened. but he was too late and layla got captured by mutants. but Evan was just in time to save her for getting eaten. together they managed to escape and ran away. in the proces of escaping evan got injured on his chest. layla had to nurse him for that but still he kept feeling the wound. after Evan got away from the mutants with Layla, he set the whole ruined city on fire.

he took layla to his tribe but discovered that his tribe betrayed him by hunting on the both of them! Evan found out why that happened and he quicky made up the plan to travel across the island with layla.