Man - old man silhouette

Benji is an old man. but really loyal to layla and after he got escaped he tried to help the 2 without Evan and Layla noticing. he is a runaway from the Feradian tribe after he got captured by the wolves. the tribes are trying to take him down because he knows a secret the tribes don't want him to know. in the second book it will become clear that secret involves the lost land of what used to be Europe. Benji is trying to reach the Alpha tribe as well but he knows he is dangerous for Evan and Layla, so in the main time he is trying to get rid of his followers by using methods that are quite similar with stuff like traps, and all kind of shooting mechanisms like spears and other dangerous stuff.

About Benji Edit

Benji is an old man with quite a beard and legs that bearly keep him up standing. yet he is really fast and he is strong as a horse. Benji has grey eyes and white hair. he wears a brown jacket that is coming till his knees. and his pands are jeans. Benji may seem old, but he has the mind of an elephant and is wiser than an owl. it seemed that he is a little obsessed by how the world was before the war.