A legend: the start of a new beginning is the first book of a chain of 3 and is written by E. Heppe. the book is about a girl named layla and a boy named Evan who are escaping from their tribes after they betrayed them. together, even though they don't like each other, are they making a journey to the northside of the island. to the tribe they most trust. the Alpha's. oalng they way they find out that they are being hunted, and not only by animals.

A Legend: The WorldEdit

A Legend: the start of a new beginning takes place in a place called Repenzonia. that is the island that once was called iceland. the nuclair war has clearly messed up the whole world because Repenzonia now has, deserts, Gledjers, Ice ground, forests, vulcano grounds and more.

the story may be in the future. but it looked like people are living like they did in the middle ages. some tribes live in tent's, treehouses and other buidings made out of wood. other tribes, like the Feradians or the Alpha's live more modern and build real houses made out of stone.

some tribes are peaceful and devoleped a highly technical level in building things. houses as well as boats as fortresses. though the last one is an high exeption. these tribes concentrate themselves on working on the land and living in peace with other tribest they do trust.

other tribes are more hungry for war and advanced themselves in horsebackriding and defensive arts. they are also good in archery and are good with swords. children would start with their training when they were 5. old enough to hold a bow or other weapon. and in time, they grew up to fearsome soldiers. some of these tribes are defending ones and only draw their weapons when they have to. others are more bandits and attack every tribe in their surroundings.